HEILEN Medical Wellness

HEILEN (from Proto-Germanic “to heal, make whole, save”) Medical Wellnes Center is pioneering Integrative Health Treatment in the Philippines, in cooperation with Weber Medical and Sanomni Health GmbH, as one of the leaders in the fast developing field of using Photobiomodulation for various medical treatment and integrative cancer approach.

We are passionate in providing a top notch medical analysis and integrative management for individual health conditions. This passion in treating patients is rooted from many years of hands-on experience and continuous training that exposed mind and developed an ability to think out-of-the-box in dealing with medical conditions of an individual in a holistic approach.

We take time for your patients

Before starting any therapy, we identify the root causes of the patient’s ilness. The doctors at the clinic do not merely rely on existing diagnoses, but search further for the underlying causes. Since the cause of any illness may vary from one person to another, we examine our patients according to the principles of biological-integrative medicine. These examinations are conducted with great care and are therefore time-consuming.

Individual examination and treatment

For the patient, biological-integrative medicine is both fascinating and challenging. You will be concerned with your own personal situation and we will keep you fully informed of developments. You are the key to your own recovery. Chronic diseases develop slowly, and recovery may take a long time, but we will guide and assist you during the recovery phase.

You have our undivided attention

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