The Starlight

The Starlight is the first biophoton device developed that uses fiber optic technology. It is used in combination with a computer (Windows) interface. The Starlight is no longer produced, but many practitioners around the world still work with it. The biophoton technology in this instrument is the same as in the Chiren.

The Chiren®

The Chiren® is the latest instrument developed for Biontologists® and can be updated with new informational remedies and programs. It has a touchscreen interface and is much more practical in its use than the Starlight. This device comes with a battery pack and doesn’t need a computer/laptop to function.

The Chikey®

The Chikey® limited edition- is a smaller biophoton device that has specifically been created for animals and agriculture. It has the same functionality of filtering and amplifying biophoton emission as the larger instruments.
This pocket-size instrument is ideal as a preventative tool for animals and plants, that restores biophoton-coherence. Another use is quality enhancement of food and drink.