Whole-Body Hyperthermia System


  • Heat input with skin-compatible and depth-effective water-filtered IR-A-radiation (wIRA) directly into the blood-streamed tissue.
  • Quick and tolerable increase in body core temperature. Good compliance, even with several hours of application.
  • Greater lying comfort on an adjustable patient’s bed.
  • Immediate change into the heat retention phase (over several hours as required) where the position of the patient can be changed gradually between the lying and seated positions.
  • Movable treatment unit without water or power current connections.
  • Continuous measurement of core temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, ECG, respiratory frequency.
  • Networkable special documentation software FebroData with manifold options (inter alia curve analyses and comparisons, statistics, medication, patient-specific annual survey, ICD10 list, integrated tumor documentation). Even during treatment, the data of this patient or other patients can be viewed and processed as required.


Localized Hyperthermia System

The I-Therm is a revolutionary system that safely heats body tissue and promotes healing by increasing localized blood flow.The healing power of deep penetrating heat is widespread and profound. Molecular Hyperthermia Therapy (I-Therm) is a therapeutic technology that artificially raises the temperature of targeted areas of the body to promote healing. I-Therm utilizes the body’s natural response to heat to provide the desired therapeutic effect.

A dramatic increase in regional blood flow is the most important physiological response associated with I-Therm. When local muscle tissue temperatures exceed 42°C (108°F), a body naturally counters with a surge of cool blood to prevent the muscle from overheating. This in turn increases nutrients and oxygen to the treated area, critical for anabolic processes and necessary for tissue repair. Clinical studies have successfully demonstrated that muscle tissue heated to 45° C (113°F) increased blood flow up to 1500%.

Increased blood flow accelerates the removal of both dead tissue, cell debris and excess fluids. Hyperthermia advances production and secretion of cytokines that reduce inflammation and encourage cellular repair. Unlike drugs that exert their anti-inflammatory affect systemically, I-Therm exerts its affect only to the targeted area. I-Therm has an analgesic affect by removing inflamed cells from the affected area.

Unlike side-effect producing drugs that simply mask the symptoms associated with disease, I-Therm works in concert with the body’s natural immune processes to unlock the body’s amazing power to heal.