Number of red diodes (650 nm): 22
Laser Watch (6)
Laser Pad (12)
Ear Applicator (2)
Nose Applicator (2)

Number of green diodes (532 nm): 4
Laser Watch (4)


Number of red diodes (650 nm): 13
Laser Watch (6)
Laser Pad (4)
Ear Applicator (2)
Nose Applicator (1)

Number of blue diodes (450 nm): 7
Laser Watch (2)
Laser Pad (4)
Nose Applicator (1)

Number of yellow diodes (589 nm): 6
Laser Watch(2)
Laser Pad (4)

About the Laser Watch

The Laser Watch is an innovative 3-in-1 device that uses the latest research findings in the field of low-level-laser therapy.
It combines acupuncture, local pain management and external blood irradiation and will become your ideal companion—whether at home, at work or on the go.

Areas of application: Red light

Are your patients sufferíng from:

  • Stress
  • Symptoms of fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Tensions
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • Lack of motivation
  • Insomnia

These symptoms are often caused by high blood pressure and a low Melatonin and Serotonin level. The red laser is well-known for its ability to enhance cell activity and microcirculation. Furthermore, it activates the immune system by stimulating different leukocyte groups.

Activate Metabolism: Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Blood Flow

Increasing age and an unhealthy lifestyle enhance the possibility that cholesterol and other blood fats build up on vessel walls and thus impair the oxygen and nutrient supply to our organs.

Vasoconstriction leads to metabolic and microcirculation disorders which in turn result in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke etc.

Laser light activates different enzymes and decomposes redundant fat in the bloodstream. It increases the oxygen amount in the blood, boosts metabolism and enhances the process of lipid peroxidation to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

Current scientific research of Univ.-Prof. DI DDr. Gerhard Litscher and Mag. pharm. Daniela Litscher shows the effects of the Laser Watch on the cardiovascular system. Pilot studies demonstrated that in healthy test subjects the total heart rate variability (HRV) increases briefly during stimulation with the Laser Watch. Furthermore, it caused an improvement of microcirculation (increase of 15%) during a 20-minute Laser Watch stimulation.

Source: Laser Watch – Simultaneous Laser Acupuncture and Laser Blood Irradiation at the Wrist (Daniela Litscher, Gerhard Litscher)

Scientific Research about Laser Watch

Relieve tensions with the laser pad

Incorrect sitting postures in front of the computer and physical or emotional tensions often cause painful muscle stiffness in the neck and in some cases even lead to tendinitis. Quite often these symptoms are also accompanied by headaches and shoulder pain which radiates into the arms. Whether sport injury or chronical pain—with the laser pad you can now easily treat aching body regions and you will achieve optimal regenerative effects on cellular level. The red light of the laser unfolds its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and reparative effects deep in the tissue layer where it induces various biochemical reactions:

  • Blood vessels widen and consequently allow better oxygen transport and blood flow
  • Stimulation of the mitochondrial metabolism
  • Increase of ATP synthesis
  • Stabilization of cell membranes

Fight Stress and Fatigue with Targeted Acupuncture

Rush, time pressure and busy schedules determine our everyday lives. In such situations it is important to pay attention to the signals of the body and to initiate corrective actions.

The laser diodes are aligned in a way that they directly stimulate the acupuncture points which calm the nerves and heart rhythm and contribute to muscle relaxation.

The laser light causes an increased production of melatonin. The hormone melatonin regulates our circadian clock and thus controls the sleep-wake cycle of our body. It ensures that we get the necessary rest we need in order to recover from our daily routine.

Travel Healthy and Relaxed with the Laser Watch

Melatonin for the Prevention of Jet Lag

It is known for a long time that an increased amount of Melatonin promotes a healthy sleep. However, with increasing age the Melatonin production decreases, entailing sleep disturbances and jet lag after long flights with time changes. Many try to compensate those symptoms with Melatonin tablets which, however, is unnatural and rather limited in effectiveness.

Using our own Melatonin and increasing our own Melatonin production certainly is more natural and more effective. This can be achieved by laser-induced stimulation of specific white blood cells. This effect has already been demonstrated in various studies.

Thus, flying becomes more comfortable and more relaxed.

Frequent business travellers will now feel energized for the meetings that await them directly after arrival and tourists will be able to enjoy their holiday from the first day on.

Holistic Wellbeing and Concentration on the Things that Really Matter Thanks to Serotonin

We definitely benefit from the mood-lifting and vitalizing effects of Serotonin also during long flights.

Now it is no longer just the tomato juice that increases the amount of Serotonin in the bloodstream. From now on you are able to influence your wellbeing and recharge your energy during the flight in order to be able to concentrate on the really important things.

That way, you can also prevent headaches and nausea. By binding on specific receptors Serotonin evidently alleviates symptoms of migraine.

Furthermore, Serotonin influences emotional processes such as aerophobia. There might be several reasons for this fear but it is assumed that an imbalance of neurotransmitters, like Serotonin, provokes anxiety symptoms.

Prevent Thrombosis, Heart Attack and Stroke

The risk of thrombosis is especially high during long-distance flights or long car journeys due to the limited room to move. The sitting posture causes a decrease of blood flow in the veins which might then lead to fluid retention and thrombosis. A thrombosis is a blood clot in a vein. If it dissolves and reaches the lungs it can result in lung embolism.

Because of the air pressure fluctuation, low humidity and little fluid intake there is an increased risk of heart attacks and heart and circulatory problems for patients with cardiac diseases.

A heart attack is a persistent circulation disorder and is caused in most cases by a blood clot which can cause a closure of the coronary arteries. Many cardiac muscle cells are dying during a heart attack and influence the functionality if this vital organ.

Stroke is caused by clogged blood vessels and bleeding in the brain. Low cabin pressure and physical inactivity during the flight might present possible risk factors.

A scientific research has already demonstrated the blood flow-increasing effects of the Laser Watch.

Reach your Journey’s End Relaxed and Energised

Tensions often occur on long flights or car journeys when our physical mobility is restricted. We sometimes experience pain in the neck area because the head usually bents forwards and leans towards one side when we are just falling asleep.

The accompanying Laser Pad makes sure that you arrive at your destination relaxed. Please refer to the section “Tension Relief” to learn more about the biochemical reactions caused by laser light.

What is new?

Red laser light stimulates the last enzyme of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, the cytochrome c oxidase.

Instead of just utilizing the red laser, the latest generation now also emits blue and yellow light in order to activate regeneration processes by stimulating the different parts of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Effects of Blue Light

Blue light stimulates the first complex of the respiratory chain (NADH dehydrogenase).

It has the following effects:

  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • enhances NO production
  • activates telomerase (Anti-Aging!)

By increasing the activity of fibroblasts blue light optimizes wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, the laser pad can be used very successfully in dermatology.

Why Yellow Light?

Yellow light promotes serotonin and vitamin D metabolism.

Vitamin D – the “sunshine vitamin” and “sun hormone” is essential for bones, connective tissue and immune system. It helps to protect against infections and regulates our metabolism and hormone system.

Serotonin is our “happiness hormone” and is involved in the regulation of numerous body processes. When binding to certain receptors, it affects the contraction of blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. It also regulates our intestinal movements. Without serotonin, we are mentally labile.

The Laser Watch has shown to increase the serotonin level in the blood and thus lightens the mood and stimulates vitality. Yellow light stimulates the mitochondrial respiratory chain at complex III (cytochrome) and acts strongly detoxifying and anti-depressive.

Effects of Green Light

Green light binds to hemoglobin, the ferrous blood compound in the red blood cells. It improves the function, behaviour and cell elasticity of those cells as well as the oxygen supply.

Other effects:

  • Improved oxygen affinity
  • Decreases in lactic acid
  • Reduced blood viscosity
  • Improved blood flow
  • Activation of reparative and stabilizing pathways

Just as yellow light, green light stimulates complex III of the mitochondrial respiratory chain (cytochrome c reductase).

All Advantages at a Glance

  • High wearing comfort at home or on the go
  • Easy handling
  • Multifunctional use
  • Little time required: Immediate and verifiable effects within just a few minutes (use 1 to 2 times daily for approx. 30 mins.)
  • No side effects


Take a break from everyday life: Recharge your batteries, and—by the way, do something good for yourself and your body!