A varied assortment

Our modern knowledge of metabolic processes and their regulation is reflected in the range of products available from the clinic. New forms of therapy with trace elements, natural hormones, catalysts and immune-stimulatory medicines complement our wide range of holistic remedies, as well as the traditional homeopathic, spagyric and phytotherapeutic treatments.

How Does it Work?

The relationships between these proceses determine how well the body is able to defend and heal itself. Doctors dedicated to Biological Medicine understand that the focus must be big picture when targeting illness.

How Can Biological Medicine Make Me Better?

If we returned the body back to ‘factory setting’, each process would run efficiently and healthy. Unfortunately, rarely are human bodies’ regulatory mechanisms in perfect balance.

Proper Body + Balance = Health

Inside your body are a multitude of biological processes, all working at the same time. The relationship between these processes determine how the body is able to defends and heal itself. Doctors dedicated to Biological-Integrateive Medicine understand that the focus must be on identifying the problem processes within the body and not the symptoms that those processes are exhibiting.

Disease, Symptoms and Healing

Biological-Integrative Medicine begins with the premise that your body wants to run efficiently and healthy. If it is not operating optimally, it is usually because an external factor has derailed it. The body’s regulatory mechanisms are a complex balance. Biological Medicine views symptoms, degeneration and actual disease as stages of a gradual breakdown in these mechanisms.

The Body Can Heal Itself

We recognize that diseases have many causes and that no single medication will be able to restore health (balance). We know that the body’s ability to heal can be reawakened if the underlying disease process is addressed and the body is given the support it needs to regenerate. Does it work? Of course it does!