GcMAF is a human protein derived from the Vitamin D binding protein. If necessary it is formed by immune cells to stimulate Macrophages and carry out a wide range of epigenetic effects on many different cell types. Macrophages are the largest and most effective scavenger cells, which can induce a lot of secondary effects in the whole immune system:

  • Detection and destruction of pathogens
  • Detection and destruction of cancer cells
  • Activation of T-Helper and T-Killer cells
  • Elimination of xenobiotics
  • Activation of tumor suppressor genes
  • Activation of apoptotic pathways

Unfortunately, many cancer patients are no longer capable to produce significant amounts of this protein. This can be due to the lack of micronutrients, but also a result from the direct suppression of synthesis by the tumor. As a result, the cancer cells circumvent detection by the immune system. To counteract all these negative effects, GcMAF can be substituted in different ways. Application ranges from oral intake, suppositories, inhalation and subcutaneous injection to intravenous as well as peritumoral or intratumoral injection. GcMAF can turn the tide concerning immune function and prepare the ground for further immune approaches. As it is a natural and endogenous compound, the administration is tolerated very well.