Light is the foundation of life

Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal, or biophoton. Without these biophotons the body would be an inanimate object. In other words: when there is light, there is life. By targeting the underlying electromagnetic signal, Biontology® addresses the root cause of all physical, emotional, mental and soul ailments.

Biontology® is a holistic approach to health

The word Biontology® is derived from two words: “bio”, meaning life, and “ontology”, the study of the nature of being. It describes a holistic approach to health and unites the Chiren® (biophoton instrument) with several ancient and new healing modalities that also address illness on the causal, electromagnetic level. Examples of therapies that are based on light are acupuncture and homeopathy. Biontology® builds upon and extends on these therapies by applying the body’s own light directly as a tool to help the body heal itself.

The biophoton treatment

A Biontologist® first measures to make an assessment of the client’s biophoton coherence in different organ systems. Using an instrument called the Chiren®, the Biontologist® is able to find energetic disturbances and to communicate with the body to find informational remedies that will correct them. During the treatment with these remedies, incoherent chaotic light is inverted and given back to the body together with the body’s own coherent light, which is amplified. This way the chaotic light is neutralized (cancelled out) and the natural capacity for self-healing is restored.

Scientific research

In recent years, biophoton therapy has been the focus of both fundamental and applied research.

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