It is quite astonishing that the accumulation of sugar in cancerous tissue is used to get detailed images of the current spreading (PET-Scan), while the metabolic implications are ignored . If marked sugar shows cancer cells – what is the lesson? It is quite simple. Malignant tissue exhibits a sugar dependence far beyond normal metabolism. If carbs are the major fuel of cancer – why feed the tumor with this fuel? The answer is quite simple. Originally applied for seizures, the Ketogenic diet restricts carbohydrates and switches metabolism to an energy source not suitable for malignant cells: Ketone bodies. This is a crucial part of the therapy. All efforts to bring down the cancer cells are kind of play around when the patient keeps on nourishing these cells.

Of course, we cannot starve cancer. But what is the sense to nourish these cells?

Most patients undergoing Ketogenic diet report a benefit in life quality and show much better results of therapies. Make your kitchen a tool to fight cancer. Experience the benefit of this diet!