Biological Cancer Therapy

Cancer is still one of the greates challenges in modern medicine. In our days, one out of three gets diagnosed with cancer. We have developed a concept to meet this challenge together with with our patients. Our principles are plain but elementary:

  • We believe that a profund and comprehensive consulting is the base of every therapy. It is of great importance that the patient, his relatives and therapists form a strong team. Talking in detail about questions, fears, opportunities and risks can only do this.
  • Cancer comes in manifold manifestations and every patient is an individual. We believe that every treatment strategy should account for this. This is why we emphasize not only the importance of a intensive personal consulting but also perform a extensive diagnostic protocol before setting up the treatment.
  • “Prove all thins; hold fast that which is good.” According to this principle and on the base of a long year experience, we have selected the most effective and sustainable procedures in order to achieve the best results with and for our patients. In our point of view there is no scholar medicine and alternative medicine. There is only one medicine, providing the best and individual treatment for each patient. Synergy is the key to meet this task. We are proud to combine time-proven procedures with cutting edge procedures.
  • We believe that a holistic treatment should focus on the patient and not only on his disease. Biologic Cancer Therapy not only means to follow an intelligent and synergistic wy of treatment by combining different procedures, but also to emphasize the patients quality of life.