Due to their enormous sugar dependence, cancer cells react very sensitive on an elevation of insuline. Insuline normally signals an elevated blood sugar level. Cancer cells react by opening a wide range of transport proteins in the cell membrane. Fortunately these proteins not only carry out the passage of glucose but also the penetration of cytotoxic drugs. While blood sugar levels go down to 30 – 40mg, anti cancer drugs are applied i.v. and enter the cancer cells with high specifity and efficacy. This is why the agents used can be applied in a rather low dose. While normal cytotoxic drugs comprise a wide range of side effects due to concentration, this approach is rather convenient and safe. In most of the cases, the dose of cytotoxic agents can be reduced to 15-25% of the normal protocol. While side effects diminish, there is still a significant and mighty impact on the malignant tissue. IPT following the results of an individual sensitivity test is the intelligent way to apply chemo in a cancer therapy. This procedure can be enhanced perfectly by local hyperthermia and metabolic inhibitors like DCA, DDG and Bromopyruvate.