Everyone knows the color of Curcuma. Curcumine is what gives this plant extract its colour. Bout Curcumine is so much more. Thousands of studies and papers have been examined to this herbal compound, and still we are at the very beginning to understand the potential of Curcumine. By now, we know that Curcumine

  • Reduces fatty acids in the blood
  • Inhibits osteolysis
  • Inhibits angiogenesis (the potential to grow new vessels is one of the key characeritics of malignant cells)

Performing sensitivity tests on cancer cells we have learned that in many cases, Curcumine is more effective in killing cancer cells than any conventional cytotoxic agent.
The problem with Curcumine is its biological activity. Only 2% of oral Curcumine is being assimilated. Due to this, we chose to use i.v. drips or micelle preparations. Curcumine is one of the most promising herbal agents in oncology. At least 80% of our patients benefit of getting Curcumine.