Laser in pain therapy and rehabilitation

Pain therapy:

In local pain therapy the lasers can be combined in an applicator so that the pain area can be irradiated with a high intensity.
Red, infrared, green and blue lasers can be used together for the different penetration depths and the various effects in the tissue.
This procedure leads to an optimal regeneration effect on the mitochondrial level.
So the reduction of pain is only one aspect. Furthermore it will lead to sustainable regeneration of the diseased area.


  • detumescence
  • spasmolytic effects
  • increase of microcirculation
  • tissue heating


Lasertherapy can be used very successfully in rehabilitation medicine, too. It leads to detumescence and anti-inflammatory effects after traumata, distortions or fractures and enhances healing of fractures.

It can be used for post-operative treatments because of the well-known positive effects on wound-healing.

Today, lasertherapy for rehabilitation is used especially in sports medicine for treatments of distortions, tendinopathies and overload damages of the skeletal muscle system.

Red and infrared lasers are mainly used here because of their deep penetration depths.

In one of the first studies, 90 % of the treated patients showed that especially acute sports traumatoligic injuries reacted very positive within the therapy.

Moreover, it could be shown that advanced arthritis still reacted with a high percentage within the therapy.

Transcranial Lasertherapy:

Besides the use of lasers for rehabilitation medicine, the positive effects lead to improvement in the after-treatment of stroke, too.

The transcranial infrared lasertherapy reduces the infarct area and improves the intracerebral microcirculation.
In addition to that, studies could show the activation of the neuronal growth after lasertherapy.

Other indications for transcranial infrared lasertherapy are Parkinson’s, migraine, vertigo, tinnitus and degenerative brain diseases (cerebral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s)

Transcranial laser therapy for stroke treatment